We assist organisations in 5 core areas:

Talent Intelligence Pipeline of Succession™
BIG APC’s Talent Intelligence Pipeline of Succession™ (TIPS) model is founded on our Six Core Drivers (6CD) which are individualised, inter-dependent and indispensable to every employee’s daily activities. It is part attitudinal, part conviction and part values.

Talent intelligence allows us to identify actual motivating forces and specific conditions that each talent has to meet to perform at his/her peak. This gives the talent the means to harness strategies and know-how to work individually and with others to deliver his/her best. Everyday. Everywhere. As employees develop on their self-commitments, it becomes a pipeline that supports organisational success. This allows the organisation to be ahead of the curve and mitigate the risk of losing its key talents. Our proven intelligence methodologies, intra-preneur coaching and behavioural mentoring support our clients in decision-making with intelligence™.

Complementing TIPS is Talent Market Insights, which involves a detailed study of the market’s talent pool, understanding talent needs, characteristics, and movement of the talent pool. Beyond recruiting the best and most qualified people, BIG APC’s talent management solution provides you with the tools to know, develop, and support your current staff so that they are able to achieve their full potentials.

Strategic Options Development (SOD)
Strategies seldom change over a short period but they can develop different directions in time and pose strategic options to meet the ever-changing environment that an organisation faces. These options can be developed using scenario modelling from trends, intelligence, analyses, opportunities and threats from the environment. Each scenario develops and prepares options that face different competitive climates and subsequently provides a set of alternatives with respect to each situation. This ensures the organisation is prepared for the unknown in the future.

Intelligence Protection & Acquisition Capability (IPAC)
Organisational intelligence practice is a critical competitive asset for your firm. It is key to helping your organisation acquire intelligence and prevent leakage. BIG APC assists management in increasing their capabilities on strategic and tactical decision support across organisational functions to protect and acquire intelligence vital to competition. The aim is to develop the ability to collect, analyse, and disseminate crucial knowledge and competitive information.

Intelligence enhances an organisation’s knowledge of competitors, markets, industry, and general business environment. An organisation can then add tools to help her understand, develop and support her internal talent and resource capability.

We also guide our clients to monitor, control, and prevent their competitors and other related parties from collecting confidential and sensitive intelligence (pertaining to plans, programmes, initiatives, etc).  Intelligence Protection is developed as an internal function which may or may not be supported by an outsourced outfit, depending on our clients’ strategic intent and ability.

Organisational Performance Development (OPD)
“Do more with less” and “Do differently” are today’s responses to economic uncertainty. The challenge for organisations is to boost productivity without sacrificing quality, innovation and morale. Knowledge-based performance approaches can help organisations in this context, by analysing processes, and people factors. Organisational performance involves people, information, workflows, best practices, alliances, and communities of practice. It draws upon proven process workflows and seeks first to establish an organisation’s effectiveness before building efficiencies into the system. Efficiency without effectiveness is blind as it will most likely produce heighten productivity that does not matter to the business.

Cultivating Design Thinking (CDT)
Traditional top-down and inside-out design processes today is no longer relevant in a hyper-connected global environment. Design thinking captures value and competitive advantages via fluid networks, co-creation and iteration across public and private sectors. Know terms like agile design, human-centric products and services, and inspired customer communities. Translate user-interface (UI) and user-experience (UX) into your offerings and make your unique selling propositions even more unique! BIG APC addresses cultural issues in design thinking, steps for sense-making and cross-disciplinary metrics amongst others. Best of all, how to tell the story in a most compelling way. This is not a wish list; it is an intentional cultivation within your organisation.

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