Never underestimate the power of “intelligence” in your business

We question “why” at BIG APC; we seek, and we process our intelligence by applying them in your specific environment. We bring a diverse set of expertise to our customers in both the public and private sectors of Asia. The almost two decades worth of client’s testimonies, intellectual properties and consulting and training experience across industries and functions, tell a story of our intelligence offering, high integrity and innovation. These have enabled us to offer knowledge processes, research insights and strategic alternatives to clients. We strive not only to execute the mission of relevance but also to develop and support the platforms that enable it.
BIG APC is poised to take on big challenges through being nimble. Our engine is adaptable for future growth and successes by empowering our clients to build a better tomorrow through decision with intelligence™

What you seek is clarity and beyond: decisions with intelligence

Intelligence That Fuels Competitiveness

Organisations can become more effective, responsive, creative and adaptive to a rapidly changing competitive landscape. We enable organisations to quickly act on their business models to suit shifting demands through real-time trends and market insights. Some can even lead in today’s marketplace with their disruptive innovations. Those who refuse are left to flounder.

Knowledge That Breeds Success

Our research insights place us in the forefront of industrial trends, innovations and benchmarks. Thus, we offer high-quality knowledge transfer, solutions and support services in a single package. This is one of our uniqueness. We have access to industry-leading thought leaders in major industries and we can provide the right intelligence-led solutions to meet your business goals and challenges.

Innovations That Seed the Future

BIG APC have been in the innovation business for more than 10 years. Our vast intellectual property portfolio and global research and development capabilities are part of an innovation roadmap designed to help organisations of all sizes – from global enterprises to local startups – transition from traditional reactive organisations to nimble proactive organisations of the future.



We offer limited scheduled workshops in the region on engaging competitiveness and intelligence. The contents are updated frequently to be relevant to current business climate and trends. Beyond these, we also customise content for individual organisations to meet their industry-specific needs.



Competitive intelligence (CI) is more than just intelligence on the competition, but many organisations are pre-occupied with what their competitors are doing or planning. CI is positioning yourself more competitively against buyers and sellers, customer base, your environment and counter intelligence.



Organisations talk to us when they need to make critical decisions; not that they can’t make them or don’t know how. They turn to us for objective (intelligence-based), directional (intelligence-driven) and experienced advice – whether it is an organisational, operational or a strategic challenge.

Our network

Our intelligence touch-points span five continents from Asia to the Americas.  We have a robust and reliable network of over 2,000 intelligence collectors, field researchers, industry experts, and senior-level interviewers who cover every major industry and market in the Asia Pacific region and selected markets in each of the five continents.

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Our Team

We are well resourced with a multi-industry team of experienced, enthusiastic and engaging consultants, all of whom have over 15 years of industry exposure. Our consultants come from varied disciplines and have a talent for active listening, clarifying the problem to be solved and the experience and know-how to deliver actionable solutions.