Comprehensive and detailed investigation of a target company’s performance, activities and plans in a particular market or region. Common subject areas include: corporate background & history, management & key decision makers profile, company strategy, finance, operations, marketing, sales, product or service features, image & reputation, supply & distribution, employees & staff, R&D, an partnerships & alliances. A BIG APC specialty, profiles have been made not only on competitors, but also potential acquisition (pre-M&A) candidates, business partners, suppliers, distributors, new entrants, substitutes and even key B2B customers.

Company / Organisation Tracking

study types
For the purposes of monitoring the positioning and execution of plans and  strategy, an early warning activity is setup to inform you about a company or organisation’s products/services portfolio and features, technological advances and activities, revenue performance and pricing models, recruiting and expansion strategies, alliance/partnership activity, etc.

delivery time frame
Daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. depending on the data points required.

typical markets
Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, India, SEA

common industries
Consumer Electronics, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices

Insights Reports

study types
Insights reports are designed to support strategic planning and scenario analysis initiatives. These are customised, comprehensive and deep-dive intelligence and benchmarking reports covering topics under company/organisation tracking, as well as supply and distribution partners, with insights from market and industry analysts, experts, key opinion leaders, government representatives, and executives of industry players.

delivery time frame
6-8 weeks depending on the type of industry, number of players, and depth of information needed.

typical markets
China, South Korea, SEA

common industries
Semiconductors, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

Sample Studies

Competitor Study
A medical device manufacturer in South Korea was investigated to determine the possibility of expansion of their manufacturing facilities for renal products.

Competitive Landscape
A comprehensive competitor, industry and market study of the Philippine Real Estate Market: Retail Property/ Housing Segment. The competitor study focused on real estate projects in the pipeline, sales force, and overseas sales operations.

Competitive Intelligence Study and Market Assessment
A patent search for diabetes medication in China and market feasibility was conducted. BIG APC provided market performance and patent standing of specific drugs in competition with the clients’ products.